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i am looking for my half brother he was born on july 4 1981 i think.
his name on the birth certificate daniel not sure the last name.
he was born in michigan


i am looking for my half brother he was born on july 4 1981 i think.
his name on the birth certificate daniel not sure the last name.
he was born in michigan


My is Matt I am 26 years old and I'm looking for my birth mother, I was born is Charleston SC,I think my mother's name was Mary the family that adopted me had moved to Georgia and now living in FL.


My name is Matthew I'm 26 years old and I'm looking for my birth mother, I think her name was Mary ,I was born in Charleston SC in 1982 the family that had adopt me had moved to Georgia now am living in FL. tachou_2000@yahoo.com

Virginia McCall

Hi my name is Virginia, I am looking for my birth mother named Theresa or Teresa goes or went by the last name Cox or Moran. I heard she used to live in Texas. Please contact me.


I'm helping my husband look for his birthparents. He was born on March 29, 1969 in Albany NY. Mother was 16 and father was 17.
Grandfather was a minister, Grandmother a cook.

Tracy Vance

I am looking for my son I was forced to give up. I was told not to name him but he was born Sept.20,1985 in Clearwater, Fl. at Morton Plant Hospital. He will be 24 in Sept. I am not wanting to take him away from his family just a chance to meet him and to explain why. If any ifno please contact me at my email address. Thank you for your time.

Tracy Vance

I am looking for my son I was forced to give up. I was told not to name him but he was born Sept.20,1985 in Clearwater, FL. at Morton Plant Hospital. I'm not here to take him away from his family just a chance to meet him and explain WHY! I dont even know his parents name. I was never told anything. Any info please contact me. Thank you.

Tracy Vance

I am looking for my son I was forced to give up. I was told not to name him, but he was born Sept.20,1985 in Clearwater, Fl. at Morton Plant Hospital. I'm not here to take him away from his family or life just a chance to meet him and explain WHY! The name of the adoption agency is Catholic Charities. At that time the agency was in St. Petersburg, Fl. now they are located in Tampa,Fl. Any info please contact me. Thank you.

Tracy Vance

I am looking for my son I was forced to give up for adoption. That was not my choice. I was told not to name him but he was born Sept.20,1985 in Clearwater, Fl. at Morton Plant Hosptial. The agency is called Catholic Charities. At that time they were located in St. Petersburg, Fl., now they are located in Tampa,Fl. I would like the chance to explain WHY, which I just found out not too long ago. I dont want to take him away from his family or life, just a chance to meet and explain face to face if possible. I owe him that much. If anyone has any info please contact me at bunkie@embarqmail.com. Thank you.


Looking for an Elvis M (mayb Michael) Russell born between 1962-63 in Forest Gate Hospital in East London, adopted by a family in the name of Barns/Barnes! Parents from Jamaica.

Pls make urself known as you have a sister who wishes to meet with you if you want to. Recently found out about you so curious to seek you now

Iam looking for my daughter. She was in foster care in kentucky was to go up for adoption 10 or so years ago lost contact and would very much love to find her. Her name was and may still be Ashlee Meshell Hicks. She was born on 4-21-91 at pattyaclay hosp. in kentucky if u can help please please do. Thinks

ana villanueva


Anna Barton


loraine goodchild

i am looking for roy and ray goodchild born in london about 1940/45 they are my mams brothers and she is trying to find them . their mothers name was elizabeth goodchild fathers name is auther goodchild please help

ashley archer

I am looking for my sister she was adopted in the late 1980's birth mothers name was vanessa foss, adopted in maine please help


Amanda, I know where you son William Von Kahle is. Please contact me.

william von kahle


william von kahle

This is William von kahle please email me at undermine187@yahoo.com, my name is dan girard.

Janice Sharp

Looking for my daughter born at St. James Hospital in Chicago Heights, Il on 12-6-1976. She has an older brother that was also adopted by her parents. I understand she was raised Methodist.

Tracy Henshaw

hi i am looking for my son his birth name is lee henshaw 23 my name is tracey henshaw 44 years off age he has 2 brothers and 3 sisters i would really like to hear from him if anyone can help me please do so my email address is traceyhenshaw@hotmail.co.uk

Amanda M-H

Looking for my half-brother, birth name Gareth Murray born in 1956 in The Haven, Yateley - Any info would be greatly appreciated :)

Chad Johnson

Looking for adopted daughter.
Born in state of WA. Date of birth Dec. 22 or 23 1989. Was given name of Lucinda Jenkins/Johnson at birth. Name was changed to Kira (spelling?) Birth parents. Tonya Jenkins and Chad Johnson.

Derrick DeWayne Marshall

I am a 39 year old bi-recial male adopted by Belinda and Melvin Marshall in 1969 from the YMCA in Milwaukee, WI. I have been searching for my birth parents that were to young college students(mother white and father black).

suzanne maria billman dodson

I was born May 1,1972 in Sitka,Alaska and was adopted at birth by Dwight Billman and Jenifer Billman.I am NOT looking for my bio-mother,ONLY MY BIO-FATHER.I am pretty positive he is Native American (Tlinquit).I am not sure of his name but it maybe Richard Spence???My bio-mothers name at birth was Evelyn Christine Flake.She was young.Around 17-19years of age.He may have been aound Hoona as a fisherman.If this sounds like you,what a great day that would be to meet you.Please contact me.

connie lee rudling

my name is connie lee rudling im looking for my long lost son that was adopted son that was born in norwich on the 29 of july 1992 in norfolk and norwich


I am looking for my son that I put up for adoption in 1978 at womens hospital, in baton rouge,la. He weighed 8lbs 9 and 1/2 ounces. I hope that he is looking for me as I left a letter with the attorney to explain why I made this choice. It was out of love for him and to give him the life he deserved. Any help is appreciated.



Michelle Dewhust

MY mother's name is Elaine Dewhurst who gave birth to a boy in Lytham st annes 33 years ago. She now lives in Kirham and believes he may have tried to contact her through her brother Robert Dewhurst some years ago but never got back in touch. She would like to know if he is ok and hopes he can get in touch again.

kenny saunders

SHAWN SAUNDERS I am looking for my son so he can know the reson he was adopted his name at birth was shawn saunders born in ftlderdal florida in erly 1990s my name is kenneth saunders i love him and want to meet. i live in nc now shawn cheak ph.info. for joe joel betty or me right now its 828 874 0658 209 arnaud ave se valdese nc.

Mary An Martin

I am looking for my niece who was adopted out. Her mother is Judith J. Hunt. She was born in Providence, R.I. And was moved to Florida. If anyone has any info please contact me at Littledeer@clearwire.com ASAP.Her mother is looking for her.

lamie grubbs

Hi, I'm looking for my daughter Kaitlyn MaryAnne Grubbs(her birth name) ,She was born December 3,1994 Last thing i knew was she was living with a foster family in Sikeston,Mo David and Sonya Worthington. Dont know who adopted her from there. Kaitlyn if your out there I miss you and love you very much. And your brothers and sister want to meet you so bad.Please contact me. Im on myspace (lamie88)if you cant reach me any other way. Love MOM

lisa golden

looking for male baby born may 8th 1987. Adopted right from birth at Willson Memorial Hospital, Johnson city, New York 13760.

LA Fyten

Looking to find information on but not necesssarily meeting my son given up for adoption in Castro Valley California. Birthdate 6/27/69 given to a family named Chapin. Therre were other adopted children in the family. I wouldn't want to invade his life unless he would seek me out. Would love to know about his life.

Mary Delcore

I am wondering if there was any way to get help to find my son, I was 13 and would love to maybe see him before I leave this planet...born John Anthony Delcore, Jan 21st, 1954 at Harper or Mt. Carmel hospital in Detroit, Michigan...
Thank you and hope to hear from someone soon,

Faith Noel Seals

I am Faith Seals, supposed to have been born in Tulsa Oklahoma in Sept 18, 1979 I am looking for my birth mother or fahter or both. I was told my mother was white/peurto rican and my father was Indian/black. I am also told she gave bith to me on a flight from Texas to Oklahoma. Please anyone, someone please help me, this is very important to me.


my name before my adoption was butch lavigne hoover i was born in york pennsylvania on may 30 1969 i had two sisters but dont remember much my real mothers name was alberta dont really know her last but i do know that she was not married and had three kids i was the oldest of three so if you are out there please leave message on this web site my sisters ages would be 36 and 34 ones name was crystal lynn the other i do not remember

edward bridges

I am looking for my son or daughter who was born in Philadelphia in December of 1968. I am the father and live in illinois.

simon wright

waitin 4 u my son u were forcibly adopted stolen by the ss richard euan york wright 28 12 2007 miss u everyday i hate the system that could do this

Kathleen Ertz

looking for son who was born on Nov.18,1990 birth name Andrew Mccoy King,People who have him-Anet And Shlomo Rejuan-He was never Legally adopted by Anet ,may live around Tel Aviv Isareal or Florida-His Father Shlomo has a brother Name Barruch(Barry)They named him Lior Rejuan

margaret jeannine hutty

Looking for my son, birthname Christopher Charles Hutty, born January 12, 1969 at Scarborough General Hospital in Toronto. Adopted day before age 2 in 1971 by a British couple that had already a daughter and son and moved to Scarborough.
I recently received a letter on October 29, 2009, that Christopher (no longer his name) wrote to me on Dec. 20, 1993 at age 24. That was 17 years ago he was looking for me, but Ontario did not have the Adoptee Disclosure available until October 2009. Perhaps he thinks I did not want to meet him but this is not the case. Now that we can be matched up finally, now I cannot find him. I am 58 and just pray that I will be able to meet him and spend time with him before I pass on!

Eunice Fuhrmann

I am looking for my father he was a military officer in west Germany I was born in 1958 my mothers name was Helga Fuhrmann. I am also looking for my older brother Daniel he was also born in west Germany to same mother in Oct. 1956 he was brought to the states by adopted parents, we think LA. Time is not on my side can anyone help me?

Ronald Andrews

I am looking for my mother she was an abandoned baby found in new jersey in 1947. My last name was Andrews before my adoption.

Dee Blackburn

Im actually looking for somebody I think may be my sister and may possibly have a younger brother whos is my brother aswell... Her name is Vicky or Viki her mother was Ann Tipton or Googala not sure of the spelling. She was born in Oklahoma her mother Ann died in a car accident when her and her siblings were small. I heard she was adopted by a preacher and that her grandmother raised the older children. My dad had had a affair on my mom resulting with Vicky or Vicki.. My mom has never denied she was my fathers she is the one who has told me about her also my father mentioned her to.. She would have been born in the late 60's I believe or early 70's.. I believe her mother was also native american or part...


Hey. I'm Brandon. My mothers name is Mellissa Cassidy I think. And im pretty sure she loves in Illinois.


Hi friend of mine has just been told she has a half sister in Newcastle Upon Tyne named at birth
Charlene Claire Rowley
Born in Newcastle Hospital on the 29th December 1979
She would be 31 now,and my friend and her mum are desperate to find her
She was given up for adoption
Her mum is living in Western Australia
I f she would like to get in touch i will leave my email

lorraine ball

i am looking for my birth father,his name is william patrick holden.i believe he is irish.i was born in 1963 near rugby,warwickshire.my name on my birth certificate when i was born was lorraine margaret

William (Billy) Gonsalves

I am looking for my sister who was born September 6, 1965 at Yonkers General Hospital, she went to White Plains Adoption Agency where I believe she was adopted from. She is my only biological sibling.

Debbie thompson

Looking for my Son Born January 28-1965 In Providents Hospital Detroit Mi. (Mother) Miss Thompson.Son was adopted at birth.I am posting this for a dear friend. Mother has Cancer She has around 6-8 months to live. Her last wish is just to see or speak to her son one last time. She just like to tell him how much she loves him. She never wanted to give him up.She was very young unmarried and no way to support him at the time.Donna only wanted him to have the best that life had to offer.Donna has been searching for years. (Kevin) is what Donna call her son, but adopted parents may have changed the name.Please pass this to other areas on the net to help us in our search. Thank you.God Bless

keri hall

i am looking for my 3 adopted daughters,chelsea,abigail and bethany,they were adopted together around 14 years ago,untill then we lived together in oldham,my name is kerry hall,if anyone knows anything plz get intouch kerihall@live.co.uk or kerihall75@yahoo.com.

keri hall

i am looking for my 3 daughters adopter around 14 years ago,chelsea,abigail and bethany,last i heard they were in staylybridge,when they were with me we lived in oldham and my name is keri hall,my girls were known as hall back then also,i love and miss them every day and wont be a whole person again till i find my babies.

Logan Anderson

im looking for my sister born july 28 1985 and adopted in mrytle beach sc. She prolly doesnt know im alove,. Mothers name michelle anderson, maiden kannenberg

My name is india l. Eatmon

Im looking for my brother who was taking from my mother in 1979 by family services he was born roosevelt eatmon the 3rd july 26 1978 birth mom named remona lesa eatmon born july 26 1960 i been searching for 20 years no luck please call me if u think its u 559 394 4671 im the sister india eatmon i believe you had foster parents named mr. And mrs. Nunn in the longview projects in buffalo ny i think they were catholic

Lois G

HI I am looking for my sister whose birth name was Sonia Lew. She was born December 19th, 1990 I believe. I do not have all of the information and the dates might be a little off but please contact me if you match this. I also know her adoptive parents named her something starting with a "J". They also adopted another girl a few years younger than Sonia. My mother will not give me any information regarding my sister and I am desperate to find her. Even if you wish to have othing to do with me, can you please let me know you are out there safe and happy. I am your 21 year old sister and have known about you since I was 17. Thank you and I hope to find you, Sonia, and that you will not be hurt by this.

L kelley


Lisa Yeager

looking for my daughter that was adopted in and the year 2000 or around 2001 her birth mame is Autumn Mcintyre birth date would be 10/11/1991 think that she was adopted in ILL somewere she also has a sister that is younger then her her name would be sarah Mcintyre please help me find my daughters Autumn if you find this please come home i miss you and your sister




looking for grandmother she adopted out my mother in goodrich tx about 48 yrs ago to a couple that had the last name jones. i think my grandmothers name would be joann waker or joann walker and shes from mississippi, we dont know much but would luv to find out more

toni coc

Here is a very good website to help you in your search http://www.dadpeter.co.uk,thy have a good forum with some good members

the more forums and posting the better chance you have of finding your birth child or family,thats how i look at it anyway

Regards Toni


I am appalled what is going on in these child care court cases ,i thought it was all about children's feelings,most of these children or having all there human right taken away from them regardless how these children feel about there parents .The social services are putting in reports which or going unchallenged in these child care court cases .The Social Service are paying specialist witnesses,to make reports about the parents,and 99% off the time go in favour of the social services ,which it stands to reason ,the social services are paying these people large sums of money,so only common sense tell you that,they are going to side with social services.How can you say this is fair on children ,it`s shocking what is going on,What reason should a child be cut of from all there birth relatives,if thy or adopted,it is selfish and horrible,most children love most of there birth relatives,and to just cut them off,it must be so traumatic far children .How in gods name can this Governments MPs sit in there office and allow this practise to go on,we are living in 2010 now not 1956.Allot of these children or being put into care far some of the silliest reasons going.In most of these child care court cases parents or not allowed to call there own specialist witness .These poor children most go through hell ,thinking that all there relatives do not love them anymore,and do not want then,its mental abuse to children on a grand scale,i just can`t believe that this Government or allowing this practise to carry on .There are thousands of children in ,like Romania ,Africa ,that have no parents ,that really need to be adopted,or black babies not good enuff far white people of this country? How would you feel if your children were taken off you and you could not see them again far the next 12 years ,and your children could not see your mum or dad etc, It must be so damaging far children ,to grow up feeling that there birth families do not love them or want them .How in gods name this Government allow far a child to have all there human rights taken away from them,to be cut off from all there birth family members and on top off that place with strangers .This Government and so many people ,social workers,judges,etc are causing so much hurt and pain to these children,how can this Government,say it`s in the best interest of children ,i shall never know .No social worker should be allowed to to put in a report to the courts just on her account,families should be allowed independent witnesses in these court cases like doctors,family members should be allowed to see a specialist through there own GP,not have the Social services appoint one .This Government are breaking all the children's human rights laws .This Government should drop all this incentives of giving money to councils far adoption numbers ,this money gives people the incentive to take children into care ,etc, More money should be spent on employing more social workers,this Government should be encouraging people to adopted some of these children that need adopting from Africa ,etc, Half of these children that or in the care system should have never been put into care in the first place .Its is scandalous what this Government or allowing the social services to get away with.These poor children . People of this country are finding out what is going on .there is no is no reason to keep these child court care cases behind closed doors,the children in the cases do not have to be named,so there is no reason anymore to carry on this practice ,at the moment it is up to the Judge who goes into there court rooms,these courts should be open,just like any other law court. Its disgusting what is going on ,what this Government ,and so many MPs or letting happen to these children .There is no reason far this barbaric practise to carry on any more .Gives these children there human rights,and also there right to see there birth relatives .STOP THIS MENTAL ABUSE OF THESE CHILDREN TAKEING PLACE,AND MAKE THESE SOCIAL WORKERS ACCOUNTABLE FAR THERE ACTIONS, .
If you or a member of any forum,please post this message,every little bit of support help to stop this barbaric act against children and parents.
Thank- You

Please support this ,only the members of the public can stop this mental abuse of these children ,please send a letter or email to Gordon Brown or Jack Straw or your Mp,something needs to be done now ,
please read some of these storys ,its shocking visit



hiya my name is norman , i was born 28th feb 1954.
And later adopted in 1956. I was born in newcastle upon tyne.
I do not know any thing about my birth parants.
My birth name was heaps. I was born in newcastle royal infirmary.
Can any one help me plz x

Stephanie Nelson

I am looking for my birth mother when I was born her name at the time was Barbara Jean Mc Daniel and she was living in Bennington Kansas at the time I was born May 20th in 1972 and the name on my original birth certificate was Michelle Leann Mc Daniel I would love to get in touch with her if I can and learn about my family .


I was born at our lady of victory infant hone in lacawanna new york. in 1955 or so. my mother was about 18 and my father was about 21 at my birth. They wer said to be German

margaret wagstaff

i'm looking for my biracial son, born on a Monday at lourdes hospital in binghamton n.y.he was born around thanksgiving time Nov 24Th? 1975.he is 34years old. and i was a young 15, and had to give him up. i didn't want to. and i so want to see you. i never once forgotten about you and never will. you are my one and only child.and i have been looking for you all these years!i am and always will be your mother, no matter who raised you. your birth names is tyson lee wagstaff.and i live in kirkwood n.y just outside of binghamton and my address is in the phone book. don't have that telephone number any more but can be reached at that address. if you feel this is you please get a hold of me.margaret wagstaff, your birth mother.

Charanjit Aujla

I am searching for my son who was born in hillingdon hospital London middlesex in 1979 apparently by an Italian family and settled in nottingham ,England.


hi my name is bethany i am searching for my mother or father. I was born 2-6-87 at st marys hospital in windsor ontario canada, from what i understand my mothers maiden name was doreen ruxton and she was 16, my fathers name was never told to me but he is suppossed to be an identical twin. i was adopted by a psychiatrist and his wife



Jacquelyn Carpino

Linda Lee Mellinger 1948... had lived in Seattle Washington. Looking for birth mother. Father is William Lee Mellinger..deceased....Seattle Wa.


there is a new website online with some very good links and advice to help trace birth family members


The feed back is very good from this website


Heather Mayhew

I am so wanting to find the son Ihad adopted, his name at birth was Christoper Mark Bensley, he was born in gt yarmouth hospital on 16 nov 1962.I just want to be able to have the chance to explain why I had to do it Ihad no choice. I did not have any parents to help me and nowhere to live,it broke my heart to give him up. his fathers name is Bernard Harvey mine was Heather Bensley.

Heather Mayhew

I am looking for my son his name at birth was Christopher Mark Bensley born atGt Yarmouth hospital 21 nov 1962. I need to explain the reason I had to have him adopted I had no choice.

mike pastore

i am looking for the woman who gave birth to me. Father Butagay {forgive my spelling of his name} was the intermediary who handled the process. My e-mail is pastmik@aol.com.

Heather Mayhew

I amlooking for my son I had to have adopted against my will he was born on 21 nov 1962 at great yarmouth hospital, his name at birth was cristopher mark can anyone help.


I am looking for my sister that was adopted. Her birth name was Maria Deras born 12/13/1975 born in FRESNO, CA. if you have any information please email me..


I am looking for my sister that was adopted. Her birth name was Maria Deras, born 12/13/1975 in Fresno,CA. If you have any information please email me at lourdes_flores22@yahoo.com

Karlis Orleans

I am looking for my daughter Sian Edith Orleans, adopted surname Sherlock D.O.B. 8/12/1985 had brother Ben D.O.B. 23/11/1984 died August 1994 they were adopted together and lived in Sutton Coldfield Birmingham at the time of Ben's death. I desparately need to contact Sian as there is family medical history she needs to know about as it is hereditary. I you know Sian please get her to telephone 07510 826327 or 07876 125803 Urgent!!

Miryam & David

Parents are looking for there baby boy (man now).
He can be in England or even USA, one born at 1968 and one in 1969 in Israel to a Yemeni Jew parents(Dad is having brown skin and Mother white skin).



lookin for my brother who was born january 2 1985 he was put up for adoption through catholic social services in pensacola florida his birth name was micheal allen dyne born on the tyyndal airforce base. dont have a lot of information but trying hard to reach him

cynthia romero

I am looking for my son. My mom gave him up for adoption at birth. He was born 8/18/75 at Deaconess Hospital in Okla City Okla.I lived at the Home of Reedeming love.He was adopted out thru Dhs In OKla City Okla.If you can help plz contact me.
InformationRelationship Status:
SON///Looking for him, 34 years
Deaconess Hospital
Oklahoma City Ok

March 3, 1962
Current City:
Texas City, TX
Lawton, OK

Michael Turner

I am looking for my 2 biological sisters. I don't know their names. One of them was born in 1945 I don't know when the other sister was born. I am adopted. My mothers name was Beatrice Christine Love.

crystal white-warnock

I am looking for my son, Micah Josiah, born February 13, 1987 in Melbourne, Florida. He was placed with a couple who were bible translators from Wycliffe. They had a 3 or 4 year old son, at the time, named Seth. Please email me @ clwarnock.2006@yahoo.com if anyone knows anything about him.

jaylene davis

my name is jaylene davis and im looking for my sisters three children who were adopted out in the ipswitch are australia thier names at adoption were bryan geoffery davis mary ann davis and julie lee davis there grandmothers name is maureen davis and birth mothers name is carol hope to find you and hear all is well

carole lincoln

t am looking for my son he was born in edgware 1980 and was addopted name on original birth certificate paul anthony

carole lincoln

my mothers name was ruby lloyd before i was born had a son called micheal and peter and john i believev they were adopted this would be before 1955 any help would be greatfull name on birth certificate may show ruby smith or ruby lloyd bedford area thankyou

Jody McWhirter

I am looking for my son who was born on Dec.25,1958 at the Queen Alex Hospital in Edmonton, Ab, Canada. I was never allowed to see him because of my parents' insistance. I would love to find him since I married his father after this and we had 2 more children so he has 2 full siblings who would love to meet him. It was a closed adoption so I have no idea where to look. My name is Jody McWhirter and I live in Vancouver, BC. His father, George Manning lives in Victoria, BC.


I am looking for the parents of my father. He was born in San Mateo or San Francisco,Ca Sept 1955. Mother was listed only as Jones and Father was listed as L.L. Chamberlain.
Jones-(mother)English-Welsh-Swedish-German Irish , telephone operator and waitress, 5'6",135 pounds,light brown hair and blue eyes.
Chamberlain-(father) French-Norwegian, Merchant seaman & construction worker, 5'9", blonde hair and blue eyes.

If you know anyone in that bay area at this time that may of had a child or with the last names, please let me know. Thank you so much

diane carroll

Hi I am now 62 year old but still wonder about my real father my moms name was ruth strange and she was 17 when she met my father, she live on shelay st in wayne and it was 1947 . she told me two stories of my father one that he was italian the other was that he was romanian who knows . when i was 13 my mom saw him once at a food fair store in garden city but when he looked at us my mom took off. I do not know his name all i know is that i would love to see him after all these years it could not hurt anyone . I live in westland,my step father and my mother have both passed on and i am left with this mystery.I would love to see if he is still alive i am guessing he would be 80 yrs old now.

joanna williams

my name is Joanna Dawn Williams, I have three children that dss placed up for adoption Ashly Kaytelyn would have been adopted in colorado 92.Anthony Bayard and Zackery ,maybe in 94 in Massachusetts, Ashly would be 18 now, Anthony 17 anad Zackery 16. I would like to explain, and tell them I love them.. Please help me, anyone?

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OK allow me some moments to understand this, these are the new rules to adopt a child? well if you let me say that you think, I say that is a total bullshit, sorry for this, is just there so many child living in the streets, living in the poverty and miserably, and all this bureaucracy to help a child, what happen to this people, are you nuts???

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OK allow me some moments to understand this, these are the new rules to adopt a child? well if you let me say that you think, I say that is a total bullshit, sorry for this, is just there so many child living in the streets, living in the poverty and miserably, and all this bureaucracy to help a child, what happen to this people, are they nuts???

heather Van Bragt

Coty, Looking for my neice Coty, she was born on August 9, 1994 in Holland, MI. She was adopted by a Clint and Carmen Modrzejewski in Nunica, MI and lived in Saginaw, MI with her brother Tony. Both were removed from that home and placed elsewhere. If you know her whereabouts, please contact me, Thank you

Tony Beasley

I am looking for my husbands birth Mom and Dad. He as was adopted from Gettysburg South Dakota . His birthdate is September 14th 1975. All the info we have on the parents is that they were young teenagers. The moms last name was Huke. If anyone has any info we just really want to say Thanks because he has had a great life and want them to see what a great person he has become!!

Amy Leonard

I am looking for my son that I placed for adoption in Sept. 1989 through a private attorney. He was born in Houma Louisiana and would be the age of 21. I just would like a chance to meet him and let him be able to meet his brothers. I dont want to interfere in his life. But I have to let him know that I love him and I only did what was best for him!

kurt kubanek

I am looking for birth parents born june 9,1962 my birth name is ralph paszkiewicz I was at our lady of victory / father bakers in Buffalo N,Y
if anyone has any info on my biological family please contact me kmkubanek1@aol.com

Tracy Macleod

My Mom was born dec 8th 1953 in Massachusetts. She was adopted.

Nancy Wilks

I am and have been searching for my Son for many years now, he was born in Scarborough General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario year 1969. I have adoption disclosure which tells me his adoptive name. And where he was adopted which was Essex, Ontario. If you are or know of a person with this background please do not hesitate to contact the writer.


here is a good website to post your search on and seek advice



I am looking for my daughter whom I gave birth to on January 7, 1990 in Womans Hospital in Baton Rouge Louisiana.


M born Amsterdam NY, Montgomery county St. Mary's Hospital May 25, 1958 Birth Name Donald Davis adopted after the age of 1yr Birth mom was 25, unmarried, protestant She said she visited with you several times, you had the Bluest eyes she had ever seen. DSS was involved in adoption. Adopted older after age of one or more Other M born possibly 06/17/60 Male He was born in Schenectady, NY St. Clares Hospital Birth name Jeffrey Davis/Green Mother was 27 at the time, unmarried,unemployed,protestant. She had originally signed into the hospital under the last name Green, but it was changes by Schenectady county Social Services and the courts. Sister and birth mother both registered with NYS adoption information registry and ISSR. She married my father in February of 1961 his last name was Anderson. Was told he is not the father of any of these children. But the name could be there Birth sibling's and Birth mother want to meet you Anyone with information please contact me at thedodaloo@yahoo.com

Micheal Allen Dyne

I think I'm being looked for...... found this site on google and read the post from July 01, 2010 at 09:36 PM.... I created a facebook for the birthname Micheal Dyne ,although that is no longer my name, for my birth family to find me (or sister as from the post). The post read as follows, "lookin for my brother who was born january 2 1985 he was put up for adoption through catholic social services in pensacola florida his birth name was micheal allen dyne born on the tyyndal airforce base. dont have a lot of information but trying hard to reach him".

I'm pretty sure the chances that someone else would fit this description are extremely slim to none but I've still contacted my adoption agency to insure rightful contact. I'm just as curious myself!

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