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Basically congress are anti women , presently the raj is going on by Suparnakhs and Ravans .

Ram laxman are became power less .

Concerned in Hawaii

The Name of this law is cited as (Violence Against Women Act) and should be able to be conducted as any other law that is out there. While I am heavily opinionated about the rights of women whom do not have any control over what happens to them, because they are being beatin, and raped by Men who they trusted enough to devote themselves to. but if it is evedent that these women need some type of relief then they should have that right, to be able to get the education it takes about abusive men and how to protect themselves when a one size fits all judicial system fails to protect them then what is wrong with that? I also feel that there should be a VAMA (Violence Against Men Act) and shelters were they can go to get away from abusive females. The final comment I have is that I have been abused in the past, stabbed and left for dead by someone I loved and trusted, and I can say that I had no relief from this abusive violent person from the VAWA all a restraining order is, is a piece of paper, it is not a cure, and when an assault has been commited against a woman, the word domestic tends to make all the difference in the world, because that word privatizes the violence and makes it less that assault, its a family matter. In a way giving some men/women the right to assault their partners. That is the shameful truth that we should all be embarassed by as human beings in general. well I hope that a mature decision is saught after in any political deciding of this matter, and battered women is a pleague, compared to battered men. Give me a reason to believe differently. Thank you E

Steve Coleman

I have experienced first hand how the "family" courts skew the case against fathers. VAWA simply adds to the discrimination and welcomes and malicious mothers and their lawyers the opportunity to commit fraud and "win" in the "family" court.

Please see: http://www.petitiononline.com/usncpr/petition.html


Spot on. Feminism in India is young, but men in India have a lot to fear if it goes the way of western feminism, which sadly, it is.

Locking a man up when you want isn't gender equality, it's female supremacy. If feminists want true equality, they should see that the natural rights of men are not violated, and they should see that men and women have the same rights and responsibilities. (reproductive rights are a grey area I am not willing to step on)

Men in the USA have serious issues in education, divorce, domestic violence (reliable stats suggest men and women are almost equally victims of domestic violence), abortion rights (well, men actually have no rights here!) and law in general, which gives women lighter sentences for the same crimes.


I know many people-US citizens who were raped and robbed of their rights first by their Russian/Romanian wifes just to get a green card. After that those citizens were robbed of their dignity and constitutional rights by the US government. And lastly, they were robbed by the US VAWA - all they worked for for 20-30 years went to their "abused" Russian/Romanian criminal wifes.

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