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anita bewley

Dear F4J I think it is highly commendable the action you are taking. Yes it does appear to be equivalent to the Suffragett movement and it's about time children are not kept away from their own fathers. There are some mothers that do not deserve custody of their own children for they neglect them and only want them for the benifits they recieve and housing. I have a brother who has just been evicted from the family home he is saddled with debt accrued through the marriage and his wife has just moved another man into the flat a week after my brother had to leave or be ordered out by the courts. he cannot afford to pay more than the agreed amount of maintainance towards his own daughter because he has been fleesed for everything, he couldn't even sue her for the solicitor told him it was pointless and he would get used to seeing his daughter for the short time he could have her in a shared house that he had to move to with the little belongings he had. He even got an abduction order sent out to him when he had her in the half term at my home for part of the week. He was allowed 3 days with his daughter because the mother wanted her for the whole week. I feel sick for my brother his hands are tied. He did not qualify for legal aid and he could not afford the solicitors fees. On the occasions he is allowed to see his daughter her mother is sending her in clothes and shoes that don't fit her or look scruffy. whereas I know she has good clothing as I am her Aunt and have followed my nieces progress from the day she was born she is coming up for 5 years old now.My neice was also writing in a little book 'mummy' 'daddy' and at the back of the book she wrote the new mans name. We know the mother has told my neice not to say anything about him. It's their 'secret'. I feel sick to death with this society and its manipulative ways especially where children are concerned as I am a professional child carer.



At Planet Dadulon we are compiling a list of blog comments from fathers [and their friends/family] who have suffered or still suffer the trauma of not being allowed to see their children; simply because the mother says no, and/or because fathers are not granted automatic parental responsibility. We have the beginnings of political support both from a constituent MP and the Executive minister for Scottish Justice and we NEED your comment(s) NOW. Help us build a voice that cannot be ignored any more.


your a died man Micheal Ellis

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