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trying to help a little in any way I can


come and take a look, fathers who need justice...


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[what do you have to lose?]

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FATHERS NEED JUSTICE /??? prepaidlegal.com/hub/delwynfontroy sizzle call !!!! 1919 786 3600


hello i dont know where to start i cannot erite or spell to good please for give me i am not sure if this is the right thing or the wrong i have not told any one in writting i am indain male born in england my date of birth is 11,07,1971.I was marride to my wife for allmost 13 years my wife is from cypres but born in england i have trubel with coming to terms with fluffy shes my wife i have felt so much for fluffy. fluffy keeps going back to her country every summeri have never stopped her after all thats where fluffys grandad is fluffy used to stay there until arif thats fluffys grandad kicked fuffy out of what was his house but fuffy kept sweet with arif i have been to stupid to see any thing fluffy stayed with arif until he signed the house over to her big mistake i think arif should have kept his own house but fluffy never mentioned anything about arif kicking her out i wondered why then as time and years went by the truth came outi went to ask my ex gaffer he is greek i asked macer to call arif as they spoke on the phone the truth came out arif wouldnt accept the things she was doing arif has family values fluffy has changed dont for the best fluffy has been involed with some body for 6 years while shes their i would say up until 4 years ago she was acketing so coldi have just found out as well as love letter why my step doughter told me a while ago but i thought nothing of it when her mom came back i brought back up the same conversation my sted dougter said she never said it but she said it i front of her moms friends i hit her for her lies the police came i said yes i had hit her i was charged then in 2005 our youngest started swearing so muchon a sunday october i think it was the 3 my wife mentioned other people she spent time with over theirthat made me very upset then our youngest little doughter swore at me then broke my sat nav so like a fool i slapt her then fluffy called the police i admitted to them that i had done this on the 17 october fluffy sent the girls out to the libary they never go like thatthey very rearlly go their as they left fluffy went to she left to cypress none ov the family of freiends new of her were abouts i told the police but nothing until november my mate canciled her cridet cards thats when we found where she was fluffy came back in december 2 days before xmas she then told me she was in volved with someone i still for gave her even though she said i upset her 4 hiting the kids so i slapt the girls 2 times that gave her the right to get it on with some one i need to talk to some body i cant take no more

sue griffiths

Iwould like to know,if i can join fathers4justice,being a mother.As i have come across serious concerns acting on behalf of my son for his daughter.Whereby some child social services and police in our area don t know the childrens act of 1989 was changed on dec 03rd 2003,that unmarried parents now have equal pr!IT S DISCRIMINATION there are just as many good fathers as mothers,and lots of children would have a better upbringing!Some women tend to poison chidren against their fathers,whereby men don t act in this way.Serious concerns were mentioned by my son and family in his case,to which they ve been ignored.I am going to all lengths political wise to stop this shambles of a system!!!!!!! caerphilly borough gwent south wales

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