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Glad to have you back!

I actually want to see my kids and have money to enjoy life so I am waiting for changes to be made in the family law system before I procreate.

Keep up the good work!

Mr M

Hey all!, well my news is great and offeres hope for fathers that have to esculate to high court of justice london.

After 14 years of contact problems, a move to germany and 2 marriages with 4 children, Mrs A applied for permanenet residence in South Africa. Cafcass made reports, statements went in and a finakl hearing scheduled for 2 day took part this week. The hgearing lasted 4 days and the result is she was refused safe guarding the fathers contact. Both fathers were elate and are celebrating!. Extra measures are being put in place to keep Mrs A`s passprts so she cant go against the Order. But she would be sill too anyhow because of the consequenses. She can appeal but loosing in excess of 9,000 pounds already is unlikely too!. This is a great day for fathers who want to keep contact with there children and I hope this story is enspiring to those who are struggling! the fight IS worth it!

Patrick  Crooke

Great to see you back! And a brilliant stunt with the lottery show. Best wishes and hope you make a difference this time.


i need the founders of f4j to contact me about the us coodinator of f4j and what he is doing to the members of f4j and is dictating i uesd to be iowa coordinator and i have resigned because of donald actions that are not justified i call along with many members of f4j for donald to resign

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