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Pete Mayer

Let me get this straight: twice as many bathrooms for women 'cause it takes them twice as long to go, and men must pee sitting down. Did anyone stop to think that by forcing men to sit (how they will accomplish that is beyond me), it will take men twice as long as it does now. Then - on top of that - we will have half as many bathrooms, the end result being quadruplicating the length of our lines? I guess this is just payback for all those years of oppression.

Raymond Cuttill

What years of oppression?


To Whom It May Concern,

For several years I had some issues concerning men's restrooms and why many of them are not "private" including when the doors frequently swing open, females that are passing by (or standing there to try and communicate to someone in there) can see men in plain view using the restroom due to the way the urinals are built in front of the doors (and not the sinks or stalls). Recently I have been hearing of rumors of proposed legislation, which, if passed, would allow females to go into male restrooms in emergencies and long lines even while males are using them.

I found a website called restrooms.org, read some of the issues of women waiting in long lines to use restrooms and some even going into the men's room while men are in there. It should be a law that should be enforced because if a man went into the ladies room, he would be ticketed, fine, jailed, ten-to-twenty, end-of-story.

Here is the commentary I sent to this website (I don't know if this site is based in the U.S. or if it is still active):

David Robinson

I have read some sites about legislation for women to go in men's room even with men using them when the women's room lines are long. I think that would be wrong. Yes, men maybe facing the urinals doing their busines but when most men see women coming in to invade their male privacy, they may do some thing to make these women feel uncomfortable: expose themselves to them, going to the closed stalls to peek at these women, do "strip shows," install video cameras in stalls (and producing these videos online), and other sexual harrassment. Most men are not that mature no matter the location (even at a symphony orchestra concert. Many of those concerts serve alcoholic beverages beforehand). Women may even bring their little girls in there as well, which creates a situation for pedophilia. In other words, the entire situation can be a set up for men to get arrested for these indecent acts.
Sexual situations will arise in tenagers, which can result in the spread of diseases and pregnancy. The women's room in school might be empty but some girls may want to go to the men's room to harrass, tease, or seduce the boys. These situations also breed and can increase immorality.

Girls are taught to be private with their genetalia. Boys are not (and they should be). That is not fair for females to invade the privacy of men in the resrooms. It is not fair for males to go into (occupied) female restrooms. Therefore, let's continue to keep them separated by law and ethics.
One solution is to build more women's restrooms. Another is to build those co-ed restrooms where there are floor-to-ceiling doors to separate each toilet. Maybe later once devices like the She-Pee" and the "P-Mate" become more popular among women, more women's restrooms could be built with urinals.
Oh, the thing about restroom doors especially at stadiums where the men's room door is open and they can be seen urinating, these restrooms should be rebuilt. Those sinks (and even stalls) are hidden away from public view but the urinals with the men using them aren't. The men's rooms should be built with some type of barrier to shield outside view of women passing by (or womenn at the door sticking their heads in calling for their little boys to hurry up). Women and girls should not be allowed to watch men and boys pee. We don't get to watch females pee. Maybe this is an issue that the ACLU should take up.


I have for you a link to one of the most important sites of our generation- http://www.pottyparityabolishmentalliance.com/ . Yes it's real check back soon it's a work in progress!

New York Porta Potty

What, you don't like title 9...? you know the one that strips universities of their football programs in place of women's rowing... you know the big money maker in the NCAA is crew.

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