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I have yet to find my birth parents but I have some suggestions for thous who have no info on the Biological family they are searching for. I had no info since I had been adopted twice and both were closed adoptions. I didn't even know where to start so to help thous who need it. I contacted my county clerks office to find out who I needed to speak to. She told me for any adoptions that took place in NY state they're records are in Albany, NY. So I called the county clerks office there and she suggested that I fill out a form (can't remember what it was called) to get any and all non-identifying medical information on my Birth parents. It takes about 2yrs but when you have nothing it helps. I found out almost everything that went on from the time of birth till adoption (medical wise) And all of the physical appearance of my birth parents as well as ethnic backgrounds and age at the time of birth. I also heard but have not been successful myself to go to the county you where born and at the local library look up birth announcements from the month and year you where born. They might have the name of your parents in there. Also do not be afraid to contact the news papers with your story. They are always looking for something new. Go to google.com and look up Troy Dunn "The locator" and apply to be on TV and if he chooses your story he will definitely find your family. Also go on every adoption registry possible and fill out the form. Don't give up you will find them. I know its hard believe me I'm there. If you wish to keep updated on my search I will post everything I do on my facebook page. Write in the notes when you friend me "adoption". You don't have to do it alone. And we shouldn't. fb page is marie_h1985@yahoo.com.


I am a daughter searching for my birth family. Born August 23, 1985 in Onondaga county. My birth parents at time of birth are as follows... Mother - 26, brown curly hair, blue eyes, 5'4", 160-170 lbs, Irish, and English, Catholic, Bowling and caring for others. Father - 27, red, thin, curly hair, Hazel eyes, 6'1", 270lbs "large frame", English, German, French, and Scottish. If this is you please do not be afraid to contact me. I do not want to know the reason why you gave me up. You felt it was for the best. I just want to know who I am and where I came from. I love you so much even though I don't know you. My heart needs to be complete.

Susan Carson

I am an adopted and looking for my half siblings Joseph,Lori,Richard,John who are older than i and a younger half sister whom i do not know her first name.I do not know any of their last names.Joseph has cerebal palsy and attended the Sunshine school for the retarded in niagara county as a child.I was adopted in 1972 out of Niagara County social services.I was born in Lockport memorial hospital in Lockport,New York.My birth mother was granted a divorce in 1972 and my birth fathers whereabouts were unknown at the time she signed the surrender.I have been searching for my half siblings off and on for almost 20 years and i always seem to hit a brick wall.Any one with ANY information please feel free to contact me.Thank you.

Susan Carson

I was born July 17,1971 .The caseworker that handeled my adoption last name is believed to be Flanders.My half siblings ages today would be Joseph 48,Lori 46,Richard 44 and John 41.


LINDSEY BURNSTED, what is your birthdate?

His name may have been changed

i am looking to find my son. birth name given, Terence David Clarke. born on january 8th '1987'. he w
as adopted by a loving couple whom i think resided in jesmond,newcastle upon tyne at the time. His name may of been changed for reasons only his adoptive parents can answer, he was born in the princess mary's maternity hospital. which i think is also in jesmond maybe boardering it.

Sue Clarke

i need to know how he is. and hope we could one day be in contact.

Annemarie Jowett

I am looking for my son whom i gave up for adoption, i named him jonathon mcelhinney born 30/09/1981.born in paisley maternity hospital.I would love to meet him and find out how his life has turned out im sure it has been a truley happy one.i think of you every day and at birthdays and you will be celebrating your 30th soon.if you have any information please e-mail as soon as possible thank you .

Grahan Jowett

I am looking for my son that i gave up for adoption his name at birth was jonathon McElhinney ,born 30/09/1981,he was born in paisley maternity.there is not a day goes by that i never stop thinking of you i hope you are happy and well and hope that i could have a chance to meet you to explain why, I think a lot about you especialy at birthdays and you will be celebrating your 30th soon.if you have any information please e-mail as soon as possible thank you.

Catherine Locker

Searching for my birthmother and possible two older sisters. Birthmother's first name is Jamie, last name not known, and no information about my birthfather. Born at HCMC July 27, 1993 in Minneapolis Minnesota and adopted by the Locker family.


i am looking for my birthfather, his name is gary irlam. i was born january21st 1976 in newcastle australia.

Rhonda Ann Saboe

I am looking for my adopted son born August 12th,1986. His name at birth was Bradley Maurice Saboe.He was born in Weyburn, Saskatchewan Canada at the Weyburn Union Hospital. I received a letter from Family Services stating he was placed with a family who was on a farm with lots of animals and dogs.I am on facebook also.My name is Rhonda Ann Saboe.


I'm looking for my adopted daughter erin .you were born in july 1990.montgomery,alabama at baptist hospital .the nuns at a catholic church said you were adopted by a couple from tuskegee,al.they were professor,well educated.Ive missed you.I know I misse your teens but I would love to be apart of your life.

Alison Peters

I want to connect with the Bethany who wrote this post on April 6th 2010: "hi my name is bethany i am searching for my mother or father. I was born 2-6-87 at st marys hospital in windsor ontario canada, from what i understand my mothers maiden name was doreen ruxton and she was 16, my fathers name was never told to me but he is suppossed to be an identical twin. i was adopted by a psychiatrist and his wife"

Bethany I knew your mother, we were childhood friends. In fact she wanted to name you after me but your adoptive parents wanted to name you Bethany so your middle name(given to you at birth) is my first name!! Please email me for more information ~ xo

I hope you are well! xo

Alison Peters

For Bethany born 2-6-87 at st marys hospital in Windsor; looking for her Birth Mother Doreen Ruxton.

My email address is spindriftstudio@yahoo.ca I have some information about your mother & contact information for one of her two siblings. xo

Kerrie Bruinsma

Bucket wish for my brother Robert Anthony ________ ? born Nov 8/68 in Port Perry, Ontario to find his birth mother. Bob's long awaited dream is to have contact and a possible mother/son relationship. If you have ever wondered about your birth son he would love to hear from you.

sharon gilbert

i'm looking tor lauren born adrianne woodhead 10 april 1994 sheffield uk adopted about 8 mths old her sister realy wants to hear from her

Susan Tobin

I am seeking my son who was born in February 1968 at Grandview Hospital in Sellersville, Pennsylvania and adopted 3 days following his birth. Name on his birth certificate: BABY BOY TIMBERG. My name at time of his birth: Susan Audrey Timberg, age 17. I am eager to meet him if he is interested and willing to meet me as well as his birth father, Stephen Ulicny, age 62, originally from Chatham, New Jersey.

Susan Tobin

I am seeking my son who was born in February 1968 at Grandview Hospital in Sellersville, Pennsylvania and was adopted 3 days following his birth, adoption handled by a Christian Philadelphia adoption agency. My name at the time was Susan Audrey Timberg, age 17. I am eager to meet him if he is willing and interested in meeting me and his birth father, Stephen Ulicny, 63, originally from Chatham, New Jersey.

Ali Young

Looking for my half brother who I think was born on Nov 19th 1973/4 in England, perhaps London. I think his adoptive name could be Saunders but his birth mothers is Williamson and is from N. Ireland. Can you help?

Raymond Cuttill Blog Owner

due to the amount of spam this blog is getting, I have decided to moderate all posts. All genuine comments, including ones searching for family members, will be approved as soon as I can, usually in a day or two.


I am looking for my son I give up for adoption HIS NAME WAS KEVIN TROY SCHOTTS if he is out there please contact me. Iam your birthmother Iwould like to meet you and your faimly. thank-you

terry  kowall

Iam looking for my son who was adopted out in the summer of 1973 his name was kevin troy schotts. born on the 7/ 3/ 1972 in saskatoon sask canada.

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