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If YOU were in the news business, in the Houston (TX) area, wouldn't YOU want to know about a MAJOR NPO "allegedly"(lol) stealing overtime pay, demanding employees write only straight hours to show none of their overtime on timesheets and telling a supervisor "Don't hire too many men" & "...keep them separated"?

Wouldn't you ALSO want to know about a "claim" that the SAME employer also told someone, twice, "Don't hire too many blacks" & "keep them separated"?

What if, even more, that SAME employer "ALLEGEDLY" denied the person one position & removed him from a 2nd position, all due to gender-bias, and forced him to take a $2.90/hr. summer-paycut just so an obese person could stay indoors in the A/C?!!

What if the person "alleging" these things was slapped multiple times in the office, with witnesses, ...and the news media wouldn't touch the matter? (Did YOU hear about it on the news?) -- Is the YMCA really that powerful & that "sacred" that justice is swept away?

It is NOW Federal Civil Action 4:08-cv-03247, by a former Cypress Creek YMCA employee now living in a tent.

(Cypress Creek YMCA, Houston, TX, is one of the largest YMCA's in the nation!)

Want the "rest of the story"? -- See the blog, below.


The man who filed against the YMCA had to do so "pro se"(as a pauper), having no funds for legal help but determined to stop such horrific employee-abuses. The YMCA refused to attend arbitration which the TWC had proposed. Then, after the man filed his case, their attorney immediately responded saying THEY want HIM to have to pay all their legal fees. --- So much of what is involved is outright provable and with witnesses, yet the YMCA & the media seem to be adamantly against acknowledging any of it.

Please Do Something. This man only wants justice & fairness. Is THAT denied because he's POOR -- because he can't afford a $4,500 upfront, attorney-fee? Even at a discount to help him out, that is about what Mr. Sekumade, a Houston attorney, may be needing to start the case.

Is THAT what our justice system is about? -- That big employers can do whatever they wish because they have the money to do so and that employees are as if "raped" ...because they are poor? Please, at the very least SPEAK UP & VOICE YOUR OPINION. Maybe even contact the media, yourself.

Please consider forwarding this letter so that others may also compel the media & the YMCA of the Greater Houston Area to not just sweep the pilaging of this man under the carpet. -- Change might only come with actions.


(Info.: Cypress Creek YMCA, 19915 S.H. 249, Houston, TX, 77070, tel. # 281-469-1481.)

(YMCA of the Greater Houston Area has its headquarters at the William V. Phillips YMCA Training Center, 2122 East Governor's Circle, Houston, Texas 77092.)

Phone: 713-353-5200 ; 713-353-5218; Fax: 713-3535245.

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