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It seems like the SS scum have learnt nothing from their previous mistakes. They truely are a pariah organisation. The earlier Orkney Island scandal has still not seen all the children returned to their parents.

The enquiry into this scandal found no blame on the part of the SS. This was conducted by the Nanny blinder Dame Butler-Schloss (she had to attend a driving awareness course). Shortly after the whitewash enquiry Schloss was promoted to head of the family court division.

Believe this: your children will be next.

Richard A. Roper

In Confidence

Dear Sir,

Can your organisation supply the name and address of a defence solicitor connected with this case?

The reason is some 13 years ago I had to do an investigation into the Satan Abuse craze and wroie an academic paper on the results. The whole thing was proved beyond any doubt to be a complete fundamentalist hoax, initiated by adult fundametalists in their beliefs of the apocalype.

I am amazed that the whole thing has remerged years later as it was totally discredited, but not our old friend "disclsure therapy" appears to be the origin of it.

I assure you this is a legitimate enquiry and would value any assistance you can give.

The work 13 years ago may be of some use,

yours sincerely,

Richard Roper

Penny Campbell

I am the wife of Ian Campbell. He returned home on May 7th, when his solicitor approached social services with the intention of taking the matter of him forcibly being kept away from his home (black-mail, we were told if Ian returned our children would be taken into care) to court. SS realised that it would be made public that they were doing this with no evidence other than an allegation, and backed down.

We have been doing our own investigating and have learnt a substantial amount from the girls Uncle, who knows they had a medical examination in 2001 (before being fostered, the charges against everyone dated from 1995-2001, two years before we even moved here) which showed no signs of abuse. Their mother was seen meeting with the girls when contact had been forbidden (they were removed from their mother about 3 years ago), their mother signed a document stating her unreliability due to her past history of making false allegations, it also stated that she was a danger to the girls, SS had that document in their possession. One of the girls had made an allegation against her foster parent, and later admitted it was a lie. The eldest girl started receiving controversial 'disclosure therapy' at the age of 3, when her mother claimed a case of nappy rash was abuse by their father (the doctor disagreed, he said it was nappy rash, SS carried on with the assumption of abuse). This girl is now about 16 years old. The NCH manager here (who lives in our village) had been bribing the girls with sweets and using anatomically correct dolls with them, a method so controversial that some local authorities no longer use it. The list of information contradicting their claims goes on.

Ian used to go on school trips with our children, he can never do that now. He trained as a youth worker in Guernsey (where he comes from, I'm from Arbroath), that is worthless now. His life has been permnantly damaged by professionals who are anything but, who clearly did not do their homework at all and simply don't care, because no matter how badly they do their job, they are untouchable.

The day after the charges were dropped, we received a letter from the Children's Reporter to say that a Children's Panel Hearing is not required, and they were taken off the 'at risk' register about three weeks ago.

Two days ago, we received most of our property back, some of their 'evidence' of devil-worshipping included two pictures drawn at school by our 5 year old daughter, one features the numbers 1-10 written across the top, with the figure of someone apparently wearing a tall hat. The other is in story-board format, with pictures in it of a castle and two people on a broomstick.

They took photos of our eldest cat,our duck, our two eldest playing at snowball fights in our garden, our 3 year old pretending to use the mobile phone and others. They took letters from our niece and her father, our brother-in-law, written shortly after we managed to trace them after a gap of 7 years. They took our books on Paganism (but left those of other religions, including the Bible). They even took our first aid box because it was were Ian stored the condoms to prevent the children getting them. If this is what they consider to be evidence of devil-worshipping, then surely that means every family and household in the UK is guilty!

FAO Mr Richard A. Roper, Ian's solicitor for the latter half of the case, was John McCormick of Glasgow, who is well experienced in these cases.

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