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i'm a female,,, looking for adoptive sister i came across this website. My mother and father decided to give my older sister a better life that they could not give her. i understand that. i think that your website is downgrading to women and that you think men are superior to women, i fell that it takes a male and female to make a child and that they both should deal with i think that men that leave their responsibity are cowards and for the abortion part how can you kil a part of you, would you cut your penis off no then don't be pissed off when the mother of your child gives it a better life because your still immature asshole that is to self centered to do the right thing you people make me what to spit on you and i hope that you know that your just as much responsible as the women are Asshole

I hope that you find this enlightening hahah men


men that visit this site, kiss women ass because your are NO beter than we are

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