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More about the demo here:



More about the demo here:


darren may

i watched the itv programmr last night and thought what a clever peice of editing it was we have all done things in our past we might like to change but to singal out eddie was terrible good luck to you mate keep up the fight

simon wilmot-coverdale

Hope everyone is ok..
I got found guilty of AGGRAVATED TRESSPASS for doing the crane in manchester.. £1000 fine and 80hrs community bloody service.. ive got to work in oxfam!!! the crimminal courts are just the same as the family courts.. whats the crime in highlighting a failing family court system....
wish me luck for tommorow 6-2-06 im up in court on a assault charge on ruth kelly.. all i wanted to do was ask her a few questions, suppose the handcuffs wern`t to her taste!!! keep fighting, we`ll get there soon
RF4J manchester

d j mcilwraith

I have a daughter who turned 18last octobershe is now a adult according to law but not to csa i will be forsed to pay out for her till she is 19and told it does not matter if i starve they will take the money from and that is the law

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